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5 Reasons to Own Your Domain Name

Not only does having your own domain name look professional, but it also sets you apart from your competitors who do not.  Your website can serve as your living breathing resume, highlighting all of your notable professional attributes and accomplishments.  It can act as a central location for every event you’ve been a part of, every article you’ve been featured in, and every way potential clients, followers, and employers can get in touch with you.  Presentation also has a lot to do with establishing credibility, and owning your own domain name means you will receive a corresponding professional email to go with it.

You can control your image in terms of the way you dress, speak, and present yourself in person, but controlling your image online is a whole other challenge.  Truth be told, consumers rely on the internet for many of their purchasing decisions, and while they might be interested in your services they must first be willing to invest in the brand that is you.  Purchasing your own domain name is a great opportunity to build up your digital presence and develop your personal brand to influence the way potential customers view you both personally and professionally.

Taking SEO into account, owning your own domain name is invaluable.  While the overall Google search algorithm is still a mystery to SEO experts, the domain name is without a doubt a significant ranking factor.  What this means for you is if someone is searching for you, having a domain name that is the same as your own name will catapult your website to the first page of a Google search.  Considering that approximately 68% of users click on the first five links on a Google search, this acts as a great opportunity to increase the likelihood that they click on your website first.

If the thought of having to pay for your own domain name is what’s holding you back, hear me out – it’s worth it.  While the temptation to start your personal blog on a random domain name might sound like the best deal, the negatives will most likely outweigh the positives.  While having a random domain name for your website give some benefits, it does not come close to the complete control you will have over the look, feel and brand of the website with your personal domain name.

We are living in the age of overnight success stories, and with the way the internet works now, you really never know when you might hit it big.  An article you write could get thousands of shares, or maybe one of your social media posts goes viral.  Regardless of the situation, it will only benefit you now to own your own domain before someone else claims it first and profits off your name.
Domain names are the new savings bonds – even if you don’t need one now, it would only be advantageous to secure it now in preparation.  In addition, owning your own domain name means someone else can’t use it against you. 

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I love to work in User Experience & User Interface designing. Because I love to solve the design problem and find easy and better solutions to solve it. I always try my best to make good user interface with the best user experience. I have been working as a Visual designer from.

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This is the most comprehensive modern product design I’ve ever seen. Well done! Absolutely suggest to anyone who’s serious about
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At the beginning we just had an idea on paper. They helped us figure out this market and product together. I’m very happy
with the result.
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